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XIN CHÀO our valued guests.
     As a traveller, we understand the most important thing when you visit Vietnam or other country would be unforgettable experiences throughout the different regions  of the country, it would be  the big fun while meeting new friends around the world in each trip then could travel together after, it could be the comfortable and  relaxing after each journey, could be new discoveries , which you never have seen before.
     As for us, who is working at  tourist companies, the most wonderful thing  to start our day  is to be welcome  tourists, who comes from around the world, to talk like friends, to exchange the culture in chat chit, discuss and work together finding the way to make your Vietnam journey being the best, valuable  and memorable . And a big goal for us at the end of the day is seeing one of you return from each voyage, say "Hello again" to us  with a big smile,  shaking hands to congrat to our plan has been successful  and say "Thank you" to us with a gentle hug.
     We could be strangers  first but we both want to see big smile on our face, both want finding every happy moment of life. So, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US, COME AND TALK WITH US at Le Petit Hanoi Travel , LET CHIT CHAT , get closer like friends ,then WE’LL  FIND OUT THE BEST WAY TOGETHER :) 
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